Send Images on Whatsapp Without Reducing the Photo Quality

Send High Quality Photos on Whatsapp

You must have noticed, sending out images or photos via Whatsapp Messenger reduces the quality of that image. It makes an image or photo somewhorth blur and less clear to appeal. This is why it’s difficult to send HD images across Whatsapp. This article will show you the best way to send high quality photos on Whatsapp.

Most people would prefer sending high quality photos via other platforms like email to sending it through whatsapp to avoid media quality reduction.

Why does this happen?

To ensure a faster data transmission across users, Whatsapp reduces about 70% of image quality by default. It is a good feature when sending images for daily utility.

Whatsapp has been designed for daily use and as such, it uses less mobile data to ensure you a fewer charges. As a result of this, it has the unfortunate result of negatively impacting the quality of image it sends across.

File Sharing Limits on Whatsapp

WhatsApp has different file sharing limits depending on the document or media in place. The maximum filesize for photos, videos, and voice messages is 16 MB. This might look like enough, but Whatsapp has a way of applying this compression algorithm to every image you send across; been when it’s less than 16MB. This compression in the image resolution results in a reduction in photo quality.

Before now, Whatsapp users have adapted to sharing photos and images as a document to avoid low-quality photos across Whatsapp.

WhatsApp’s document-sharing limit is 100 MB, and files sent as documents are not compressed, therefore retaining the original quality of these images. On the other hand, photos shared as a document have so many limitations.

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Sharing High quality Images on Whatsapp

On this junction, you should have understood the alternative way to send high-quality images via Whatsapp. This has been the most popular way to send high-quality Whatsapp images.

Sharing an image as a document has been the best trick to deliver the best quality images on Whatsapp. To share an image as a document;

1. From the chat wall, click on ‘Attachments’

2. Locate ‘Document’ and Click

3. Select the image to share; long press to select multiple images and Click ‘Select’

4. a dialogue box will appear, Click ‘Send’

Due to these limitations in sending Whatsapp images as documents, the feel and user experience don’t seem to be the same. The only advantage is the high-quality images it delivers.

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Best Way to Send High-Quality Photos via Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp has devised a means to let its users send high-quality photos and images across the app. With this new update, you can share HD images without reducing the quality of the image.

Remember, sharing images in HD takes up more storage space and much data to download. if it’s occupying too much space on your device, switch it back to the data saving mode. You can always make this changes from the app settings.

To change the quality of image sent through your Whatsapp messenger, observe the following steps;

1. Click on the three-dotted icons (option) on the top right of your Whatsapp dashboard

2. Click ‘Settings’

3. ‘Storage and data’

4. Scroll down to ‘Media upload quality’ and click. A dialogue box with options will appear.

5. Select ‘Best quality and click the ‘OK’ button. that’s all.

You can now enjoy the new Whatsapp high photo quality share with all its features in full.

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