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Whatsapp TV

Why post flimsy updates when you can earn a passive income through your Whatsapp status space? You can earn through your Whatsapp Status, with a medium known as Whatsapp TV, even when you don’t have a business of your own.

Build your Whatsapp audience and start making money through promotions and adverts. This is a business strategy that has been proven the best way to reach a massive audience with little work to do. Going through this article, you will be able to;

  • Turn Your Whatsapp Messenger Account into a money-making tool
  • Learn how to get started with building the top Whatsapp TV in your niche
  • know tips on how to build the best audience for your Whatsapp Status Monetization
  • manage your Whatsapp Status Monetization and earn from it
  • link to other Whatsapp TVs and learn through their success story

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media platforms for interacting with friends and family, posting pictures and videos, and other social and business activities.

While some people see this app as just a medium to chat and post videos, some others use it as a medium to generate income online.

How can I Earn Money on Whatsapp?

There are so many ways to earn money on your account and Whatsapp Groups as a Whatsapp user. There are multiple Whatsapp Group Links on our platform that you could join and learn.

In this article, we will focus more on how to create and use a medium known as Whatsapp TV to drive millions of audiences to your online and offline businesses.

Making money from WhatsApp can be very easy yet difficult but not to worry cause In this article, I will be exposed to you the secrets of how you can create your own WhatsApp tv and start making money from it. Kindly scroll down to get enlightened and start generating funds while entertaining or educating your friends.

What Is a WhatsApp TV?

WhatsApp television, also known as WhatsApp TV is a customized WhatsApp account that uses the status function on WhatsApp to entertain, enlighten or educate its subscribers.

You should be familiar with the status feature on WhatsApp that allows you to post pictures, videos, or write-ups on your wall.

Well, the good news is you can start a Whatsapp Status monetization and earn a lot of money from it. Follow up to see how

Who Is Qualified To Use A WhatsApp TV?

A lot of people get discouraged thinking there is a special qualification to own a WhatsApp TV or a WhatsApp blog… Many keep asking me who is qualified to use a WhatsApp Tv well here’s an answer to that question. If you can use Whatsapp, then you can also gain from this monetization process.

Monetizing your Whatsapp Status requires no qualifications in as much as you have a cell phone and a WhatsApp account.

How To Make Money With A WhatsApp TV

Whatsapp TV

There are several ways to monetize your Whatsapp Status. but there are some things you should have in mind… Before creating your WhatsApp Tv, you need to have a minimum of 200 views on your daily WhatsApp status. You must be active online too to keep up.

There are different ways to generate funds via WhatsApp Tv but I will be talking about the three fastest ways to make money to avoid wasting your time

1. Promotion

Promotion is any sort of marketing communication designed to inform target audiences about the relative qualities of a product, service, brand, or problem, and is usually persuasive in nature.

You can start your Whatsapp TV monetization by promoting other people’s businesses on your WhatsApp TV or Blog.

As a WhatsApp Tv owner, you can get offers to promote people’s business on your TV and get paid handsomely for that service but for that to be possible, you must have at least 5000 viewers on your daily status upload.

2. Sponsored advert

Similar to the first on our list, a Sponsored advert is a type of advertising distributed by publishers or social media influencers in the format and quality for which they are known—whether it be articles, images, videos, or other executions.

These pieces of content are co-created by brands in order to build a conversation about their product category or even their product itself.

The difference between a promotion and a sponsored advert is that promotion is a one-time deal and as a promoter, you would be paid once and the deal is terminated but sponsored advert, on the other hand, is a long-term business deal that takes a period of time and the payment would be on a monthly or weekly basis.

3. Affiliate marketing

An affiliate program is a contract in which one company pays another company or influencer a commission for referring visitors and/or sales to them.

As a WhatsApp Tv owner, you can earn money by referring other people to buy a certain product and you get a percentage for any buy that buys that product through your link.

How To Start A WhatsApp Status Monetization Process

Just as I stated above, running a WhatsApp TV can be very very easy yet daunting as it requires maximum attention and consistency.

I’ve witnessed so many people venture into that field and quit in less than a month not because they were not making money but it was too tasking for them to keep up with. I would recommend the Whatsapp business Account for your Whatsapp Status Monetization.

Before you start your WhatsApp TV, you must have a niche you want to dwell in, something you have a lot of knowledge about and won’t has a hard time writing about… For example, a nurse can easily monetize his/her Whatsapp Status with health tips and its likes.

Secondly, you should have a compelling TV name… Something catchy that would interest your audience, grab their attention and give them insight into what the TV is about.

Below is a list of the necessary tools needed to start up your WhatsApp TV.

What Are The Tools Needed To Start A WhatsApp TV

Just like other businesses, there are some tools needed to start a WhatsApp TV and those tools include:

1. A Good Working Smartphone

To start up a WhatsApp TV you would need a smartphone that has a high Random Access Memory (RAM) and a large storage memory also. Preferably 4G RAM and above, and 64G+ Storage.

It is not compulsory you use an IOS device but it is preferred to give you excellent results.

2. A Registered Sim Card

Next on our list is a registered sim card dedicated to your WhatsApp TV… I would personally advise you to get a new sim for this as it would be more convenient for your new business.

Just like every other business, you would need a unique Whatsapp TV Logo for your Whatsapp Status Monetization. It will help promote your brand and make people know you more.

You can link up with a good graphics designer at Fiverr or Upwork to give your Whatsapp TV Logo a good design.

There are apps like Canva; it’s very easy to use. create a personally customized Logo; download Canva here.

4. WhatsApp Business app

The best version of WhatsApp to use for your WhatsApp TV is the WhatsApp Business. It’s preferably the best because it has some business features that the normal version of WhatsApp does not have.

Get the latest version of Whatsapp Business Here.

5. WhatsApp status saver

The WhatsApp status saver is a mobile app that allows you to save other people’s status directly to your phone.

As a WhatsApp Status Marketer, it is necessary you have or follow other WhatsApp TVs to get fresh ideas to run your own. Some content from other WhatsApp TV might interest you and that is where the use of status saver comes in.

Download the Status Saver App for Android and IOS.

6. A Video and Photo Editing App

As a WhatsApp user, you must have come across some video content with a WhatsApp tv name or logo written on it. you might have wondered how they achieved that…

To achieve this, you must have a good Video Editing App and as well a Photo app like InShot.

InShot PRO-MOD APK (Unlocked) is an amazing and easy-to-use video editing app you should try. With this app, you can easily edit, cut, create effects, and add music to your videos. Download the InShot App on Android and IOS.

7. WhatsApp Number link generating app

This application helps generate a link for your WhatsApp tv that can be shared across many others. The link is what new users will click on to get access to your WhatsApp tv.

The Whatsapp Link is different from a Whatsapp Group Link – which is used in joining a Whatsapp Group. While a Whatsapp Group Link is used to join a Whatsapp group, a Whatsapp link is used to add a particular number to your Whatsapp number list.

The WhatsApp link-generating app is a very useful tool for WhatsApp tv owners as it has proven to be very useful on different occasions.

Check here to download a Whatsapp Link Generator.

How To Create A WhatsApp TV Account

A Whatsapp TV account is no different from your normal Whatsapp messenger account. Just a few things to learn, and you will be ready to start off.

Below are some steps to successfully create your Whatsapp TV at ease.

  1. Launch the WhatsApp Business app you downloaded.
  2. Type in the phone number that you want to use for the WhatsApp TV and verify it. (Make sure you are not using your personal mobile number for this)
  3. The next stage would require you to select a business name and a photo for the account. Your business name must be unique and should have a lot to speak for your business. The photo you use should represent your business name, like your logo.
  4. After all of this, you should have created your WhatsApp TV.

How to get content to upload on your WhatsApp TV

A lot of users find this part very challenging as they might not know where to generate news or content to upload on their business Whatsapp status. This is the reason many people quit their WhatsApp tv; check this out;

Obtaining content is simple. I notice a lot of people wasting data by going to Instagram to acquire their stuff. If you don’t have enough data, don’t waste your time there; Twitter is the place to go for resources. You may download a Twitter downloader tool that downloads videos from Twitter, which includes anything from tweet savages to amusing videos.

We’re all aware that we can save photographs directly from the Twitter app. Facebook is also a good location to find content. right from the Twitter app, Facebook is also a good location to find material.


There you have it… I hope with all you have read you will take a bold step today, create your WhatsApp tv and start earning from it. And if you encounter any problem trying to create your WhatsApp tv or any challenges at all, do not hesitate to drop a comment in the comment session below.

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