Featured Profile (how to apply)

At exbowl, we place our fans above every priority.

We introduce to you, our powerful Call-To-Action button, “The Featured Profile“, the most secure and the fastest way to meet new friends online.

You have absolute control over the friends you make.


As of the time of this update, this service is FREE.

Your Profile would be featured for at least 24 hours to reach a wider variety of our visitors.

We don’t match-make, you make the choice yourself, from a series of admirers that commented or liked your profile

You have the choice to display your Mobile or Whatsapp Number or keep it hidden.

Your Whatsapp Number will be used for contacts to anyone who is interested in your profile. If you choose not to publish your Whatsapp Number, then you have series of admirers to chose from on the comment section.

This offer is open for both Men and Ladies. It’s free too, that’s the most amazing part. You won’t have to pay a dime to get on our website.

What Data do we collect?

Your profile will consist of information about you.

During registration, we collect the data listed below to help aid our Match-making bot put you out to the kind of people you want to meet.

The data we collect comprise of;

  • your name
  • age
  • height
  • gender
  • whatsapp number
  • email
  • country of origin
  • current city
  • occupation
  • and interests…

We collect you emails for feedback; then for the rest, it helps you make the right choice of friends.

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How to Qualify

Placing your profile and photo on our website is totally free. We will only require you to share this page and any other two(2) pages from our Blog Page.

Share this page by using one or more of the share buttons below.

Remember, being featured on exbowl is 100% Free, 100% secure and safe.

How to Apply

Once you’ve shared these pages, proceed to the registration page and complete the form.

CLICK HERE to view form.

Good Luck!

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