100+ Girls WhatsApp Group Links for Friendship [Updated]

Girls Whatsapp Groups

Girls Whatsapp Group Links: These Links are like doors to special Whatsapp groups where girls and other female individuals can make friends, talk about their likes and aspirations, and have existing conversations.

Recently I have had a lot of emails from fans and readers on the best Female Whatsapp Groups to join in 2023. I took out time to address this on our social platforms and would want to bring it down here.

We have compiled over 100 active Whatsapp group links here and on our other active pages for you to join and start making new friends.

I have also categorized these Girl’s Whatsapp Links to be on point and simple. You can now join a group from your country and favorite category.

Contrary to what we usually have on other group link platforms where you join a group without knowing whom or what you are meeting there.

These Girls Whatsapp Groups are versatile and we intend to segment them into different categories for easier accessibility

Read through the rules and objectives of this group while we walk you through the Girls Whatsapp Group Links.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, create a whatsapp group today and we would help you gain audience and membership. Submit your Group HERE


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Girls Whatsapp Groups – Why you should be there

Girls Whatsapp Groups are like digital versions of the gathering between women, where they would chat, help one another, and meet new people.

You might be wondering what makes this group special.

This Girls Whatsapp Group Links covers various categories that would be of interest to you. These interests range from arts and culture, music, cooking, yoga, career, technology, fashion, plus many more.

Just like in the past when friends would come together to talk, the Girls Whatsapp Groups can help females who are far apart stay united.

You could be in this group for these reasons;

  • You now have different categories to choose from.
  • Worried about having other countries in your group, You can now join groups specified for your own country.
  • If you are dealing with challenges, it could be a source of therapy
  • It could be a one-time ticket to your financial freedom. We have lots of groups on financial freedom, making money, digital marketing, technology, plus many more.

Advantages of these Girls Whatsapp Group Links

Girls Whatsapp Group

1. Make new friends

Being on this Girls Whatsapp Group will give you an opportunity to associate with people, make new friends, and join a community of individuals whom you share the same likes and interests with.

2. Learn new things

By joining these groups, you can learn new things and acquire skills like cooking, online trading, digital marketing, plus many more.

3. Help and advice

Some of the girl’s groups might be an avenue to discuss your private life and seek mature opinions about some things.

4. Feeling supported

Being in this group makes you feel the zeal and assurance that people care about you.

5. Making money

Some of the group teaches you how to earn passive income online and be financially free.

Girls Whatsapp Group Rules and Etiquettes

1. Be guided

Always choose the group that is meant for you. Be guided when choosing a group that is meant for a specific country for your optimum experience.

2. Respect privacy

Do not say private things about other people, ethnicity, and race without their permission.

3. Stay on the topic

Do not divert discussions to what the group is not meant for. Maintain the aims and objectives of every group.

4. No bullying

Never be mean when expressing yourself in the Girls Whatsapp Groups. Treat everyone with respect.

Girls Whatsapp Group Links to Join

To ensure you have an optimum user experience joining these Girls Whatsapp Groups through our platform, we have segmented them into categories, according to your location, to make sure you end up in the right place. In Exbowl, we make things easier and simpler.

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Single Girls Whatsapp Groups to Join for Friendship

Pakistan Girls Whatsapp Group Links to join

S/NGroup NameCategoryGroup Link
1Earn Money – 1Earn OnlineLINK
2Love 144FriendshipLINK
3Online shop PakMarketingLINK
4True FriendsSocialLINK
5Free FireGamingLINK
6D*nger SquadGamingLINK
8Social MediaOnline MarketingLINK
9Gain ContactsOnline MarketingLINK
10EBL Pak OnlineEarn OnlineLINK
Pakistan Girls Whatsapp Group Links

Dubai Women Whatsapp Groups to join

S/NGroup NameCategoryGroup Link
1B – Love NetworkEarn OnlineLINK
2Social MediaOnline MarketingLINK
3Dubai Real estateReal EstateLINK
4MA StoreMarketingLINK
5Jobs In DubaiJobsLINK
6UAE Buy & SellMarketingLINK
7Business FormsJobsLINK
8Inaamulhaq fitnessFitnessLINK
10Dubai SecurityJobsLINK
Dubai Girls Whatsapp Group Links

Indian Ladies Whatsapp Groups to Join

S/NGroup NameCategoryGroup Link
1PDisk.link – 14MoviesLINK
3Helen LoveFriendshipLINK
4Mumbai Real FunAdultLINK
5Pdisk link -15MoviesLINK
6Movies theaterMoviesLINK
7Music FamilyMusicLINK
8The Sub StoreFree SubscriptionLINK
10Stylish PhotoPhotographyLINK
Indian Girls Whatsapp Group Links

Girls WhatsApp Links (General Group)

S/NGroup NameCategoryGroup Link
1J*sus is the wayReligionLINK
2Faucetpay link – 5Earn OnlineLINK
4Paid TrafficOnline MarketingLINK
5Friends GloballySocialLINK
6Global ChatTechnologyLINK
7Motivational QuotesQuotesLINK
8Spanish & EnglishLearningLINK

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