Recover Your Banned Whatsapp Account In Minutes

Recover Banned Whatsapp Account

Some WhatsApp users might have experienced a temporarily or permanently Banned Whatsapp Account one time or another. Being restricted from accessing your WhatsApp account does not mean you can’t use Whatsapp again. It only means you have violated one or more of their Legal Users Policies. When your Whatsapp account is banned, you need to follow some security precautions to Recover Banned Whatsapp Accounts.

How to check If Whatsapp Account has been banned

Whatsapp can only ban your account is there was an invalid activity or a violation of their terms of service. If you think there was suspicious or invalid activity, you may as well file a complaint and secure your accounts as soon as possible.

Whenever a Whatsapp Account is banned, you will receive this message from within Whatsapp;

Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.

Whatsapp might not have to issue a warning before suspending your Whatsapp Account. If you think your account was banned by mistake, you can always file a complaint through email.

Why Whatsapp Banned My Account

The main reason why most Whatsapp Accounts have been restricted is using an unsupported Whatsapp App or a violation of its terms of use. Most of the time, the reason for your banned Whatsapp Account might not be known. Whatsapp reserves to ban any account with or without your knowledge.

In some other cases, Whatsapp might have banned your account because of the following reasons

  • You are using an unsupported App to access Whatsapp
  • You violated their code of conducts by sending obscene, defamatory and threatening messages to its users
  • When you create a fake profile of another user
  • When you spam users who are not on your contact list


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Types Of Whatsapp Ban

You must have heard me mention this before. When your Whatsapp account is been banned, it can only be temporarily or permanently.

The only way to Recover a Banned Whatsapp Account is to understand it’s a temporary ban if not, you can do nothing about it. You should better still get a new mobile number for another fresh Whatsapp Account.

My Number is banned from WhatsApp, what should I do?

Whenever you notice a temporarily ban on your Whatsapp Account, first of all, you need to understand the reason why you have been banned. Either its a Policy Violation, or the use of unsupported applications to access Whatsapp.

Having a banned Whatsapp Account is not a death sentence, you can actually reactivate the account for use especially when it’s a temporary ban.

How To Recover Banned Whatsapp Account

There is only one way to Recover Banned Whatsapp Account. Its either you file a complaint to Whatsapp official support email address, or ‘Hit’ the “Support” button on the ban message.

recover banned Whatsapp account
Whatsapp ban message

Delete Banned Whatsapp Account

Deleting a Banned Whatsapp Account is same as deleting an active account. Once you have been banned and need to open another Whatsapp Account, all you need do is uninstall the Whatsapp app and install a fresh one from the play store or the Whatsapp Website.

To maintain security, limit data retention, and protect the privacy of our users, WhatsApp accounts are generally deleted after 120 days of inactivity. Inactivity means the user hasn’t connected to WhatsApp.

Which means your Whatsapp account will be deleted 120 days after you’ve uninstalled the app.

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