Heart-Touching Good Morning Messages for Friends and Folks

Good Morning Messages for Friends

Good Morning Messages for Friends: One of the very best ways to cherish your friends is to always remember them, as having good friends is a very rare gift. You need to always be in good and close contact with your friends as they wake up to their daily rigorous activities, and the best way to do that, the best way to stay in touch, the best way to remain in their heart and the best way to be part of their hectic day is to send heartfelt good morning messages for friends to them.

Heart-touching good morning wishes for friends help brighten your friend’s mind and make your friendship’s bond more tighter and stronger.

As a good friend, you should always show your friend how much you care about them, you should be present in their lives to know how life is treating your friend. Sending good morning messages for friends is just the best and most simplest way to be in their mind even when you are far away and appreciate them for the gift of their friendship.

Because we care about your friendship bond, we already made sending your good morning messages for friends easiest by composing best:

  • Good morning messages for friends.
  • Heart-touching good morning messages for friends.
  • Good morning wishes for friends.
  • Good morning quotes for friends.
  • Inspirational good morning messages for friends.
  • Funny good morning messages for friends.

Good Morning Messages For Friends and Family

A Good morning messages for friends and relatives can strengthen the weak spirit of your friends as they think of the stress that is in new day’s activities. So good morning messages for your friends sure have important roles to play in their hectic day as this will make them feel better and positions.

  1. Wake up sleepy head to a brand new day, blessings and fortunes. Good morning!
  2. I am sending you abundant blessings this morning to make your day the best. Good morning!
  3. I hope that this good morning message radiates your life like the sun radiates brightness. Good morning dear friend. Have a wonderful day.
  4. May your morning be filled with happiness as the day gets happy when it is breaking. Good morning!
  5. Here is a beautiful good morning message to make your day one of the best. Hope you slept well.
  6. Wake up! Wake up!! It’s a beautiful bright morning for a special friend. Good morning! Have a blessed day.
  7. You are a sun that shines its light down on the earth. Good morning!
  8. You are like a blessing to the universe because your friendship blesses my heart. I am happy to have you as a friend. Good morning!
  9. It is an honor to be bestowed with a good friend like you. I am so lucky to be your friend. Good morning dear friend!
  10. A good morning message to the best friend in the world. Having you is a blessing uncommon.
  11. A successful day begins with a happy heart. I am wishing you a happy successful day. Good morning!
  12. A wonderful morning greetings to one of the most wonderful friends on planet earth. Good morning!
  13. I hope your day is filled with joy and laughter just as your friendship give me hope to look forward for another brand new day. Good morning!
  14. I don’t have all you deserve in the world because you are a good friend, but I’m sending you a bunch of good morning wishes to come true. Good morning!
  15. Here is joy, goodness and success wrapped in a special good morning message for a special friend. Dearest morning to a dearest friend. Have an incredible day ahead!
  16. Welcome to a new day, don’t forget to smile and have a wonderful day. Good morning dearest friend!
  17. If you know how much you roamed in my heart all night, you would have been awake hours ago. Good morning best friend!
  18. Wake up! How are you this morning? Want to hang out with you later, give me a beep when you are done.
  19. Good morning dear friend! Success, goodness and mercy shall follow you today as you wake up to a new day.
  20. My life without your friendship is better not unimagined. A day without you is like a lifetime with you. Good morning dear friend!
  21. A good friend is hard to find but I found you, a best friend like you. Good morning!
  22. Get up babe! It is a new day and a new beginning. Good morning! Have a wonderful day.
  23. Your friendship comes with a lot of blessings. Wake up as today’s blessing is waiting for you. Good morning!
  24. Hey! Wake up dude or you will lag behind. Good morning to a wonderful friend!
  25. Wake up and get set to achieve your goals today. It’s a blue day!
  26. Good morning dear friend forever! I hope it is one of the best days you look forward to.
  27. Wake up! I know you have seen this message. So smile and freshen up. The world is waiting for your smartness.
  28. Hey dude! Have a wonderful day today. I look forward to your company soon. Good morning!
  29. I hope you have a fantastic beginning of a new day. Good morning to the best friend ever!
  30. I don’t know what I could do without an accomplice like you. Hey sleepy head, get ready for your day and our usual friendship crime.
  31. A genuine friend is just like a blue moon. I got you, a blue moon friend! Hope you are awake to make the day blue.
  32. Your friendship comes with a special pack of confidence and blessings that you have instilled in me. Good morning dear friend!
  33. A good morning message to show you how eternally grateful for the gift of your friendship.
  34. Thank you for being the best friend that makes me accomplish the best since I met you. Good morning!
  35. I wish you happiness this morning as you wake up to go by your day’s duty.
  36. A good morning message to send you luck and success as you face the world.
  37. Good morning dear friend! May our friendship last forever.
  38. The thought of a good friend like you brightens my day. Good morning dear friend! Have a good day.
  39. My morning is never completed if I fail to say ”good morning to the best friend ever”
  40. Thinking of you gives me hope to stay positive even when there are hurdles. Good morning!
  41. I cherish the light you bring into my life to brighten my darkest side. Thank you for being here for me. Good morning!
  42. Even on my worst day, the thought of you makes it the best. Good morning dude! Have a good day.
  43. Wake up! The smile on your face is sweeter than a morning coffee. So wake up and shine your beautiful smile to the world. Good morning!
  44. A very good morning to the best soil and best friend on earth. Hope your night’s rest was peaceful.
  45. Wake up! I have every right to wake your sleepy ass up being your best friend. Good morning!
  46. I am so proud of the fact that I have the best and wonderful friend. Have a very good morning!
  47. Hey! Do you need the scorching sun to wake up? Wake up, it is morning already. Good morning dear friend!
  48. Don’t sleep a rainbow! Wake up its a bright new day. Don’t drain your beauty sleeping it all away.
  49. Here is a beautiful reminder to welcome you to a new day. Good morning!
  50. Have you stopped dreaming already? Wake up, it is time to actualize the dreams.
  51. To achieve a new thing, to do great things, you need to wake up. So get up, the world is waiting for your greatness.
  52. Good morning my dearest friend! Just a mild reminder to let you know that you can get whatever you wish. Just be positive.
  53. Bad times put friendship to test. I want to spend the good time of our friendship wishing you the best. Good morning!
  54. Your friendship was the light that came into my life when I needed it the most. Have a blessed morning dear best friend!
  55. I never thought that good friendship could be hidden in your misdemeanors. Wake up, dear partner in crime.
  56. If you remembered that you have got a beautiful life to live aside from sleeping and dreaming, you gat to wake up now.

Heart-touching Good Morning Wishes for Friends and Loved ones

How much you see and talk to your friends each day doesn’t matter like keeping in touch with them with the messages of the heart. This is one of the tested and trusted ways to retain the true friendship. Your friends face hardship as you do, they aren’t superhuman and you are just in the best position to remind them of having you by their sides as they face hurdles, by communicating the feeling of your heart towards them through heart-touching morning messages.

  1. Wake up friend to a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. You don’t wanna miss this for anything. Good morning!
  2. It is a new day to celebrate our friendship and tell you that I appreciate every second with you. Good morning!
  3. I wish you an enthusiastic morning as the breeze enthusiastically blow through the trees. Good morning buddy!
  4. The birds are singing sweet melodies you don’t wanna miss. So wake up to the tune of my melodious song sent through a good morning message.
  5. Starting everyday with good thoughts is one of my favorites and you are one of my good thoughts. Good morning dear friend!
  6. Good morning dearest friend! Sending you love and strength to calm the storm our friendship has withstood.
  7. Can’t waste a bright morning like this without saying “good morning to a great friend”.
  8. Wake up buddy! Can’t wait to see your face today. Have a wonderful day
  9. Here is joy and love wrapped in this special good morning message to a sweet friend.
  10. I am so blessed to have a blessed friend like you. Good morning, have a blessed day!
  11. I hope you attain your goal this special morning. Wishing you an accomplished day!
  12. I feel completely happy with myself for having the precious gift of our friendship. Good morning!
  13. Wake up dearie! I will never get tired of sending you “good morning messages’ ‘ as long as you are never tired of reading them. Good morning!
  14. Beautiful morning reminder to a dear friend, “I value our friendship, your company and everything good you have done to make me feel great”. Good morning!
  15. Here are virtual hugs to take away your chilly morning. Hope you receive them with love and smile. Good morning!
  16. Can’t wait to be in the unmatched company of a good friend like you. Good morning!
  17. Here is a good morning message to wish you a failure and disappointment free day.
  18. Wishing you luck as you wake up to a new day. Best morning greetings!
  19. Good morning buddy! Sending you a beautiful smile to start your day.
  20. The sky always makes way for the morning. I wish you a hassle free day. Good morning!
  21. A good morning message to wish you the best of today and a virtual hug to lift your burden this morning. Have a stress-free day.
  22. Good morning! Have a productive day as you open your eyes to a new day to start your day’s work.
  23. A best good morning wishes to make your day go well. Hey! Don’t fail to say thank you if it does.
  24. Wake up! A new opportunity to choose and make your dream come true is present in this wonderful morning. Good morning!
  25. Wake up and shine the ray of sunshine in your existence on the people in your life. I wish you a happy day!
  26. A good morning sweet whisper to let you know that you are valued and appreciated.
  27. Wake up as the day unfolds to create an unforgettable memory of today. Wish you a great day ahead.
  28. I feel like the happiest person on earth when I’m around you. Good morning best friend ever!
  29. There are three things that make.my day: bright morning, you and the gift of our friendship. Good morning!
  30. Your friendship taught you the true definition of love, truthfulness, respect and honesty. Thank you for being my body moon friend.
  31. Good morning! I wish you the best of what today has I offer as well as what your friendship has to offer.
  32. Wake up and take a sip of this good morning message to a lovely friend. A happy morning to you!
  33. My mornings are always bright because they begin with the thought of you. Gracious morning!
  34. My life was never complete without an awesome friend like you. Good morning dear friend!
  35. A beautiful sun completes the morning. A beautiful smile from me to you to complete your morning. Good morning dear pal!
  36. I appreciate a friend like you, who knows what it is to lend a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear. Thank you for being the best. Good morning!
  37. I am thankful to God for bestowing me with the gift of a new day and thanking you for being an amazing friend. Good morning!
  38. A wonderful heartfelt message to tell you how much you mean to me. Good morning dear friend!
  39. A special good morning message to a friend that holds an esteemed place in my heart. Good morning dearest friend!
  40. Anytime I think of our friendship, I realize you are the best gift I ever received in the form of a friend. Happy morning to you!
  41. Your friendship has given a new meaning to my life that I can’t trade it for anything in the world. Good morning!
  42. I wanted to gaze into your eyes and say “thank you for being my friend”, but you are far away. I hope this good morning message conveys the message of my heart to you.

Good Morning Wishes for Friends

With good friends around, you have the hope to live your days as best because your friends share in your pains and struggles. They always show how warmly they care about you. Good Morning Wishes for Friends is a good way to show and reciprocate love gestures.

Check out these suggestions;

  1. Good morning dear friend! I wish you a day full of new opportunities and positive energy. Have a positive day.
  2. Wishing a day filled with joy, love, laughter and fun. Good morning!
  3. May the brightness of the morning spread into your day and life. Good morning buddy!
  4. I thank God for giving a wonderful friend like you the gift of life, to see the brightness of a new day. Gracious morning dearie!
  5. May your life be as bright as the brightness of mornings. Good morning! Have a blissful day.
  6. I woke up today thanking God for the gift of life and thanking you for the gift of our beautiful friendship.
  7. Friends like you are like a blue moon. I wish you blue moon favors as you step out today. Good morning!
  8. Life is fun with friends like you. May your day be fun filled. Good morning!
  9. Get up and enjoy the goodness on a new day. Hope you slept well.
  10. Good mornings are rare. Make better use of today by waking up and embracing positivity and opportunities.
  11. Welcome a new day with strong faith in God and fresh positive approaches to opportunities. Good morning dear friend!
  12. Success is attained through dedication and commitment to goals. Wake up and begin early.
  13. Good morning! Wave away the thought of free and failure that might affect your mindset today towards your thought and dedication.
  14. There has never been a problem without a solution. I wish you a problem free day.
  15. Gracious morning to a friend like no other. Wishing you a stress-free and problem free day.
  16. May the beginning of this new day mark the beginning of new things in our life. Good morning dear friend!
  17. Here is another day full of opportunities for you to set and get your goals. Have a successful day.
  18. The story of morning is different from that of noon. With new morning blessings, your story shall change for the best. Good morning!
  19. May this morning feel your heart with happiness and positivity. Good morning!
  20. Wishing a rare gem a wonderful morning with lots of favors, blessings and success to crown it all. Good morning my rare gem!
  21. The world is such an amazing place that only positive place that one positive people can see through it. Good morning! Have a positive day.
  22. Stop dreaming and wake up! Today is the best day to make your dreams and wishes come true. Good morning!
  23. Sending you warm wishes to warm your heart and soul as you go about this chilly morning. Have a good morning!
  24. Here, someone is busy thinking about you and wishing you the best thing today has to offer. Have a blessed day.
  25. A perfect minding wish to perfect and energize your day with positive vibes. Special morning!
  26. Morning is just a new reminder for you to forget your sorrows and hope for the next best. Have a good morning!
  27. May every morning of your life come with showers of blessings, success and positive vibes.
  28. Morning is the best time to get up and get things done. Wishing you a successful day.
  29. A perfect morning begins with wishing a good friend like you the best of it. Good morning dear friend!
  30. Wake up to positivity to take charge. Good morning! Have an amazing day.
  31. Listen to the chirping of birds as they wish you a wonderful morning. Good morning!
  32. Get your morning sorted out and have a fantastic day. Good morning!
  33. I wish a lovely friend like you a blessed morning wrapped in golden happiness.
  34. May your day be filled with fulfilled wishes as you wake up to the blankness of a new day.
  35. I wish you a cheerful morning as you. Have a cheerful day.
  36. Wake up to the reality of making your dreams come true instead of enjoying them in your sleep. Good morning!
  37. I hope you have a memorable day as a miracle finds you today. Good morning! Have a blissful day.
  38. Life is what you make it, what you give is what you get. Wake up, give the rest to life and get the best of it.
  39. I wish you to rise early to embrace the goodness of the day. Blessed and to you!
  40. May your life be filled with brightness like sunshine and be colorful as the rainbow. Good morning girlie!
  41. Welcome to a new day filled with achievements of goals and dreams. Good morning!
  42. Waking up early is a trait of successful people. So wake up now and grasp the success in it for you. Special morning to you dear friend!
  43. Sending a special good morning wish to a special friend on a special morning.
  44. I wish you a happy morning that cheers you up. Good morning! Have a motivated day.
  45. May the rise of a new day bring light to the darkñess in your life. Good morning my friend!
  46. Good morning dearest friend! Wishing you a memorable day as you begin a new day with a smile and happiness.
  47. May this morning give you the mantra to realize your dreams and achieve them. Good morning!

Good Morning Quotes for Friends

Looking for the best way to make your friend’s days full of positivity? Here are the best good morning quotes for your friends to energize their day.

  1. “Days are shorter as life itself is shorter, so wake up and the day. Good morning”!
  2. “Expectations make the heart sick. Do not expect too much from today, just expect the best from it. Good morning dear friend”!
  3. “Wake up before the day gets over while you are sleeping a bit longer. Good morning sleepyhead”!
  4. “Distance is never an obstacle to our friendship. Wishing you a blessed morning”!
  5. “There is fun on this day, so wake up and have fun. Good morning! Have a fun-filled day”.
  6. “My worries disappear when I think of a wonderful friend like you. Good morning”!
  7. “Starting a new day with the thoughts of friends like you is indispensable. Good morning”!
  8. “I am always elated to know that I have a friend with a bright smile representing a bright morning in my days. Good morning! Don’t forget to smile”.
  9. “Your thoughts are beautiful when you are beautiful. Good morning! Have a beautiful day”.
  10. “This new day is another opportunity for you to shine and show the world your worth. Good morning dear”!
  11. “Arise like a star in the sky, you are the diamond if this day. Good morning dear friend”!
  12. “Don’t miss your hopes and opportunities while sleeping your morning off. Get up”!
  13. “Two things are valuable to me: mornings and good friends like you. Hope you slept well”.
  14. “Life is beautiful with beautiful people. Good morning to one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen”.
  15. “Hey! Don’t miss this beautiful and relaxing morning, wake up to a great day”.
  16. “Starting your day with good thoughts is never underestimated. Sending you good thoughts to make your day positive”.
  17. “Our friendship is what I think about every night, and first thing every morning. I’m sending you this good morning as a part of me to be with you today. Good morning dude”!
  18. “I never had a beautiful life until I had a beautiful friend like you. Special morning to you”!
  19. “You don’t wanna miss the extraordinary beauty in this morning, do you? So wake up to a great morning”!
  20. “The greatest possession to change the world is to smile. Good morning! Don’t forget to smile”.
  21. “New days are like puzzles. You can’t determine which is the best. Good morning! I wish you the best of today”
  22. “Smiling is your greatest asset. Do not let sleep take away your beautiful smile. So, wake up and smile”.
  23. “Good people like you are hard to find. I am sending this good morning message as an appreciation to a good friend”.
  24. “I like bright mornings , warm coffee and you. Good morning dearest friend”!
  25. “Beautiful life is built on prayers, humility, sacrifice and love. Good morning”!
  26. “Mornings always have their way to come, not minding if you set an alarm or not. Good morning! Have a beautiful day”.
  27. “Be honest with yourself about everything and everyone. Good morning dear friend”!
  28. “Make happiness your daily priority. Good morning best friend”!
  29. “Wake up with your head high and face your problems head on. Bright morning”!
  30. “Value the mistakes you make, they teach you great lessons. Good morning”!
  31. “It is not too late to be whatever you want to be. Get and get the work done. Good morning”!
  32. “If you can dream it then you can achieve it. Good morning! Have a productive day”.
  33. “To have a wonderful day, you must wake to wonderful thoughts. Good morning! Have a wonderful day”.
  34. “A bad day is never the last. Here is another opportunity for a good day for you. Good morning”!
  35. “Your thoughts are like seeds in the garden of your mind. The garden determines if it grows well or not. Wake up to a beautiful thought. Good morning”!
  36. “Life is like a mirror, what you show it is what it displays to you. Don’t forget to show life your best. Good morning! Have a beautiful day”.
  37. “New mornings are like blank pages. Write positivity, happiness and fulfillment in your day. Good morning”!
  38. “Being happy is not about having the perfect life, it simply means you chose to see and live beyond your imperfections”.

Inspirational Good Morning Messages for Friends

Inspirational Good Morning Messages for friends

Saying good to your friends shouldn’t be limited to asking about their wellbeing alone, it should encompass thoughts and feelings that bring light into their day, and words that keep them going in the midst of hurdles.

Inspire your friends with these Inspirational Good Morning Messages for Friends.

  1. Life is about determination. No matter what it throws at you, always be determined to succeed. Good morning!
  2. Don’t forget to say “Thank you” to all those who said “No” to you, you can only be better because of them by doing it yourself. Good morning!
  3. As you wake up this morning, meditate int the good things you are expecting from today. Good morning!
  4. Commitment, persistence, dedication and consistency is the bedrock of a successful life. Good morning!
  5. In everything life offers you, don’t forget to protect your integrity. Special morning!
  6. I pray for you to have the strength and courage to withstand the test of time. Good morning dear friend!
  7. It is a new day, a new beginning and a new possibility. Good morning! Have a great day.
  8. Here is the tomorrow you waited for yesterday. Get up and chase your dreams. Good morning!
  9. The biggest dream killer is procrastination. Abolish the thought of it and make your dreams come true.
  10. May luck and success find you wherever you go today. Good morning!
  11. Today still has a very long time to go. You can still take positive and active steps towards your dreams. Good morning!
  12. Opportunity comes and passes very quickly. Wake and grasp the opportunities this morning and show your smartness to the world. Good morning!
  13. Now is never too late to work towards your goal, tomorrow may be later. Get up and set to work.
  14. Don’t waste your precious time sleeping, time waits for no one. Have a good day!
  15. Instead of staying in bed for long, do something that will change your story for the good. Gracious morning!
  16. The best time to achieve your dreams was five years back, the second best time is now. Good morning!
  17. Embrace every opportunity that comes with a new day. Have a nice day.
  18. Never let opportunities to achieve your dreams pass you by while you are enjoying your dreams in your sleep. Good morning!
  19. Start every morning with visualizing the end results of your dream. Best morning greetings to you!
  20. One thing you should be careful with is opportunities, it slips off quickly. Good morning!
  21. Your daily focus should be on how to achieve your dreams, every other thing is a distraction. Good morning!
  22. Never fail to plan in order not to plan to fail. Good morning dear friend! Put your precious time to good use today.
  23. Do you think there is a problem already? Ignore it and seek the solution. Have a good morning!
  24. In the blink of an eye, today will be over again. Make productive use of it before it disappears. Good morning dear friend!
  25. Tomorrow may be too late to actualize your dream, today is the best day to do it. Special morning!
  26. Time passes by quickly when you do nothing meaningful with it. Good morning!
  27. Every morning comes with opportunities to start all over again. Good morning dearie!
  28. Every passing second, do something reasonable that brings about progress in your life. Gracious to you!
  29. Never give up on your dreams, quitters don’t win. Good morning!
  30. If you miss the opportunity to get it right yesterday, today is another opportunity to set it right. Have a productive day!
  31. Now is not the best time to give up, you haven’t come this far to quit now. Good morning!
  32. It’s a brand new day! Think about how best to accomplish your goals and go get it. Good morning!
  33. Waking up is always an opportunity to enjoy the goodness of a new day.
  34. Stop staying “til tomorrow”, yesterday and today we’re once tomorrow. Have a fulfilling day.
  35. Success never goes to those who take things off and pass by opportunities. Good morning!
  36. Start each morning with positive thoughts that radiate the darkest side of your life. Good morning!
  37. Saying ‘thank you’ doesn’t make you less, rather it makes you more. Have a great day!
  38. Life is like an empty book, what you put in it is what you read when you open it. Make productive use of the day. Good morning!
  39. Two important things you need to attract success; Kindness and humility. Good morning dear friend!
  40. Always be yourself. There has never been anyone like you and you can’t be anyone other than yourself. Good morning!
  41. Comparing yourself with others will not only hurt you, it will kill you. Good morning!
  42. Dream big and start small. Have a fulfilling day! Good morning.
  43. No one has ever gotten it all. Even the richest man still has wants. Good morning!
  44. Think of those that couldn’t make it till today and give thanks to God for the gift of life. Good morning!
  45. There are three kinds of people in the world who want to attain greatness: the dreamers, the doubters and achievers. Gracious morning!
  46. When life seems to be against you, look up to God for his mercies, look beside you for my friendship, love and care. Good morning dear friend!
  47. Good morning! Strive to be better today than you were yesterday.
  48. Never be bothered about your mistakes and failures,let the end result of your dreams keep you going. Have a nice morning!
  49. If you believe it, you will receive it. Wake up to a positive day. Good morning!
  50. Optimism is the first key to open your doors of accomplishment. Good morning! Always stay positive.
  51. Follow your dream to the end, no dream is unaccomplished. Good morning!
  52. Appreciating what you have got is the key to longlife, happiness and fulfillment. Good morning!
  53. Train your mind to think positively. Train your tongue to speak positively. Have a good day!
  54. Trying to please everyone is like trying to be at multiple places at a time. Don’t lose focus! Good morning!
  55. You have always been my source of inspiration. Thank you for being you. Good morning!

Funny Good Morning Wishes to Your Friends

Change the game of friendship by wishing your friends a good morning in an humorous way. Be the reason why your friends laugh as they wake up every morning.

Here is a collection of funny good morning messages for friends that you can copy and send to your friends, and make them laugh into a new day.

  1. There is more to life than just sleeping and snoring. Wake up sleepyhead.
  2. Thank you for waking up! You almost crashed this house snoring away. Good morning buddy!
  3. Get up last ass, it’s a new day.
  4. Will you ever find someone that is a thorn in the flesh like me? Heck no? Wake up!
  5. Can’t stand with you for a whole day buddy. Buy me tequila and let me sit with you. Good morning!
  6. I always wondered how we became this close like brothers when we have separate fathers. Are you sure you aren’t my father’s son?
  7. Even though you make me wanna partner with companies that sell painkillers, you are sweet. Good morning!
  8. This good morning message is to appreciate you for being a crazy friend. Good morning!
  9. Hey, wake up! It is time to commit another crime. Good morning!
  10. Good morning dear friend! Have you learnt to be less stupid? Reply ASAP.
  11. Can you be my pet? But I don’t like human pets. Good morning!
  12. Lazy ass, are you up already? Get up, the sun is going to set soon. Good morning dude!
  13. Hey! Good morning! Send me back my good morning in 100 folds ASAP.
  14. People like you are the reason why I wake up early to send an early morning reminder. Have a great day!
  15. Have you been cured of your madness? Don’t wanna meet that mad you today. Good morning dude!
  16. You are beautiful! Don’t get it wrong, you are beautifully annoying. Good morning bae!
  17. Don’t think of any plan to be silly on this bright morning. Just wake up and behave normally, at least for today. Great morning girlie!
  18. God sent me to your world because he knows that you need me to function normally. Good morning!
  19. I have never taken anything about you for granted, even the number of times you pass out gas daily. Good morning!
  20. I wish you a better day than mine, ‘cos right now, I am broke and worse. Good morning!
  21. It’s funny how you plan to have a unique day with those crazy acts if yours. Get up and get well!
  22. Good morning! Don’t go about smiling too much today. Your boss might sack you for trying to infect him with your beautifully contagious smile.
  23. Thank God you made it. Wake up, it’s a new day. Get up and get used to it. Enjoy your day!
  24. I’m not gonna send you any special greetings this morning. It is just a new day and you, and not a new day and a new you. Get up mehn!
  25. Even though you give me a headache, life will be boring without you. Good morning dude!
  26. Good morning! What should I do with you today? Will you make my coffee or rather be my pet?
  27. It is easier to forgive everyone who has hurt me except you, because you keep doing it everyday. Gracious morning buddy!
  28. You seriously need to get respect to greet elders and me. kindly get one ASAP. Ama meet you soon. Good morning!
  29. I don’t have strength for an overrated message this morning. Just ‘good morning’ or send it back to me if you don’t like it. Good morning best friend ever!
  30. How many hours left to be with you? Can’t wait to be with your crazy ass. Good morning dear friend!
  31. Good morning big head! Here is a message from my hand to you and not from my heart. No, Not today!
  32. I have waited tirelessly to get your good morning message, why haven’t you sent it? I’m not gonna wish you ‘a good morning’ till you send mine.
  33. Can’t send you any greetings from my heart this morning. My heart is meant for that other gender and not you. I don’t do guys! Good morning!
  34. Are you ready to meet your lord today for not meeting with me yesterday? Better make peace with him before I get there, I’m gonna kill you today. Good morning!
  35. I don’t like you anymore and I don’t know why. I’m sorry about it, but ‘I love you’. Good morning!


Well-composed Good Morning Messages For Friends and folks at the right time, play significant roles in tightening your friendship bond. let your friends and folks know that you care about them and always remember them even in your busiest moments.

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